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  • Video/social media integration
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Robert Stratton –  Atrisco High School 

"Entourage Yearbooks has been a complete saver. If it wasn't for their exemplary service, our yearbook would have never turned out so amazing. So I want to say thank you Entourage for all of your hard work and amazing service. We will be back next year!"

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Hard Cover

8.5 x 11 or 9 x 12


* Starting at $18.95 per book


8.5 x 11


* Starting at $12.95 per book

Saddle stitch

8.5 x 11


* Starting at $8.95 per book

Create your book across a variety of platforms with online software and mobile apps

Streamline the process by allowing students and parents to submit photos directly to your book

Use QR codes to link your book to videos, social media pages, and more

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