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A Community Directory

Are you looking to create a church directory that can be worked on by multiple editors with ease? Look no further than Entourage Yearbook's collaborative software. Our software allows for seamless collaboration, making it the ideal choice for engaging your community to work together on a church directory.

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Did you know Entourage Yearbook's EDOnline software is completely customizable and free? You can use it with Google Chrome and design your yearbook pages to your heart's content. But if you prefer using other software like Canva, Adobe Illustrator, or Adobe Photoshop, you can easily upload your designs as PDFs and place them into our software. This means you have complete flexibility and control over your directory's appearance!

Customizable Software

Commemorate Moments

Creating a church directory can be a great way to keep your community informed about all the exciting events and milestones. You can include important dates such as anniversaries and birthdays, allowing your members to celebrate and commemorate every moment. A church is a community of amazing people who deserve a directory that reflects their values and spirit.