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Becky, a parent volunteer at Poinsettia Elementary in California, came up with a creative way to fill the now cancelled school events in the yearbook.  She will be emailing parents to ask for pictures of their students working on schoolwork from home.  Entourage was able to help Becky set up a dedicated email address from our online EDO software to help simplify this process for her.  Parents will upload picture submissions to the dedicated email address.  Pictures submitted through this email address will automatically be uploaded into the category for Becky to then use in the yearbook.  Becky was so impressed with this option, she now will be making more categories with dedicated email address to reach out to teachers to get more pictures and content to fill the pages in their yearbook. Entourage wishes Becky and all of the other parent volunteers the best of luck! 

Thank you to Becky from Poinsettia Elementary, CA!

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Top 15 Ways to Fill Pages in your Yearbook

Entourage Yearbooks recognizes our advisors and educators and thanks them for their hard work during this difficult time

How can Entourage Yearbooks better support you?

1. Year in Review Templates

Entourage offers pre-designed pages of current events in pop culture, technology, sports, and more from over the past year. These single page templates allow schools the option to pick and choose the content they want to place in their project. These templates can be found under the category “Year in Review” in the “Templates” tool in the EDOnline designer.

Give students a break from being online all of the time by creating a crossword, word search, mad lib or other fun fill in the blank game. It can be based on the graduating class, mascot, clubs, or so much more within the school. You can also use positive events as your theme by basing your game on historical moments specific to your school or community.

2. Create Your Own Game Page

Adding a page capturing either the sentiments of your Principal or Superintendent during this unprecedented time can have an even more powerful effect. This historic event has presented challenges for all Administrators and Educators and it is essential to capture their perspective on the situation. They can address concerns such as moving forward as a school, or what they like to do to stay positive during times of crisis.

3. Message from Your Principal

Create a special spread featuring your Yearbook Staff or PTA. You may want to include how the school closures affected the creation of the yearbook and how the staff worked remotely to make the project happen. Give special shoutouts to those who went above and beyond during this time! You can also spotlight a club or organization that does not normally receive a large amount of coverage in the school’s annual yearbook who also made changes to work remotely.

4. Special Page Spreads for Your Team

As students and families across the nation have been told to “Shelter in Place” or “Stay at Home,” interacting closely with your immediate household is the new normal. How is each family taking on each day? Encourage parents and/or students to submit photos via the LiNK site or Entourage LiNK App doing activities such as cooking together, playing board games, walks in the neighborhood, etc. What furry friends do students have that may not normally be featured in the yearbook?

5. Capture the Family Fun 

As a yearbook advisor during these trying times, Terra was worried that she would not be able to fill all her pages with content.  School closures and end of the year events being canceled has presented her with a challenge to fill empty pages and she was thinking about deleting some of her page count. The Entourage team was able to share with Terra some suggestions of different ways she could fill her pages with some of the pre-made templates and where to locate those in our EDO software.  Terra was grateful that Entourage made the effort to check in and come to the rescue with their suggestions and help.  Mountain West Montessori Academy has decided to leave the extra pages at this time and are looking forward to documenting the current events of the historic times. Entourage is thrilled to hear that advisors, like Terra, are adapting and making the necessary changes to their books so that the yearbook tradition can remain a constant in the changing school year. 

Thank you to Terra from Mountain West Montessori, UT! 

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